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Randy Petalcorin returns on the 10 November 2017 at Malvern Town Hall

Another exciting night of boxing is heading to Melbourne on the 10th November 2017 at Malvern Town Hall!

Brought to you by Peter Maniatis Events and Ultra Tune, there are a huge… more

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September 21, 2017
sean buckley ultra tune

Sean Buckley Ultra Tune interviewed by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association

Sean Buckley of Ultra Tune was recently interviewed by the AAAA (Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association) regarding the inquiry into the behaviour of… more

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September 14, 2017
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Rod Cedaro attends the Mumbrella Marketing Summit 2017

Ultra Tune Business Development Manager Rod Cedaro told an audience at Mumbrella’s Automotive Summit, “The empowerment there was they [the women] actually were forward-thinking enough… more

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August 23, 2017

Ultra Tune – Franchise Show

Our amazing franchisees are at the heart of Ultra Tune! As the company has grown, so have our franchisees and their spirit, dedication and work ethic is crucial to the success and reputation of the Ultra Tune… more

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August 21, 2017
sean buckley ultra tune

Top 10 Aussie Muscle Cars – Sean Buckley Ultra Tune

Australian Muscle Cars have been some the best in the world over the years. We love our performance cars here at Ultra Tune! There have been some outstanding performers from the 1973 Ford Falcon XB 351 GT to the epic Holden VF II SS-V Redline. Here are my top 10 – which are yours?!

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August 15, 2017
sean buckley altitude services

Altitude Services

Their specialist team of exercise scientists, veterinary specialists, dietitians, engineers and conditioning specialists work directly with their clients to ensure your specific equipment requirements and training needs… more

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July 13, 2017
Laura Lydall Maxim

Laura Lydall on the cover of Maxim Middle East September 2016

Ultra Tune ambassador Laura Lydall is on the cover of the September 2016 edition of Maxim Middle East!

We are hugely proud of Laura who has worked incredibly hard this year as our Ultra… more

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September 13, 2016
JCVD on the Today Show with Ultra Tune YouTube

Jean Claude Van Damme on the Today Show – behind the scenes!

Ultra Tune are pleased to announce that Jean Claude Van Damme will feature in our brand new ad, alongside our ambassadors Laura Lydall and Parnia Porsche! Our Business Development Manager Rod… more

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August 31, 2016
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‘An Evening with Jean Claude Van Damme – Unplugged and Unscripted’

‘An Evening with Jean Claude Van Damme – Unplugged and Unscripted’ is a unique show with the legend that is Jean Claude Van Damme!

Ultra Tune is a proud sponsor of the event which will… more

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August 23, 2016
jean claude van damme australia

Jean Claude Van Damme arrives in Australia for his tour

Jean Claude Van Damme is back in Australia after 18 years for his new tour – ‘An Evening with Jean Claude Van Damme – Unplugged and Unscripted’.

The ‘Muscles from Brussels’ will be… more

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August 23, 2016